(Gotcha Day 3/28/01 - 6/1/99-1/28/08)


Rachel and I got Nazerene from the Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha County on 3/28/01 where she had been since 12/16/00 when she was brought in as a stray. Dr. Bennetts best guess at her age is about 2 years old. She is front declawed (dissection method - same as MR. Tibbs) and we THINK she is spayed - though Dr. B couldn't find a we shall see on that one in a month or so... :) She is also healthy and is up to date on all her shots...though she could use a pound or so according to Dr. Bennetts.

She is a VERY loving cat and seems to really enjoy being petted and also having her tummy rubbed. So far after 4 days she seems to be adjusting well, though they have not yet been allowed to mingle freely...though there have been a few "unplanned" meetings. We are currently feeding her Persian Cat from Royal Canin as it is specially shapped for cats with dental difficulties as her teeth are not the best as they are quite crooked. Though she seems to prefer Eukanuba Lamb & Rice.

In December 2001 we started her on Science Diet Sensitive Stomach and a Glucosamine supplement in her canned Wellness brand food and there have been no further problems (Though it could be the FeliWay spray as well). She had a short mild bout of Upper Respiratory Illness in February 2002 but Dr. Bennetts quickly took care of her with a dose of amoxicillin for 5 days.

Below are some pictures from 2003. The first three from January and the last from September 29, 2003. She continues to do well and tolerate the Amytriptyilline for the urination problem.

She became suddenly ill in late December 2007 with a serious bladder infection that required injectable antibiotics and Sub-Q fluids for 2 weeks and by mid January 2008 it was clear something was quite wrong. Although her labs looks normal, he weight had dropped to about 4.8 lbs on 1/28/08 an x-ray taken by Dr. Spaeth revealed an intestinal mass which was almost entirely blocking her absorption of liquids and food. She was also obviously becoming quite uncomfortable when picked up, so the decision was made to send her on to The Bridge that evening about 7pm after having spent the majority of that day sleeping in the sun on the desk in the computer office. She went peacefully surrounded by myself, Dr. Amy Spaeth and vet assistant Mindy K.

Although she could at times be quite the alley cat in attitude, once you got past that gruff exterior she was a very sweet and loving kitty who will be missed greatly by all of us here.