MR. Tibbs

(8/1/90 - 5/24/06)

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These picture show MR. Tibbs (a male Blue purebred Maine Coon Cat) looking royal, as he always does with that wonderful ruff of his. The right top row shows him gracefully eating some cheese, and then sneaking up on "his" (actually MY) dinner. After that there is the Small Animal Hospital in Milwaukee (March 1998) where he goes for his 6 month 6,000 purr tune-up. We see the outside, a D*G in the waiting area and then Dr. Diane G. Bennetts holding "her" FAVORITE kitty as well as a picture of Dr. Bennetts and Dr. Geiken (co-owners of the clinic) giving MR. Tibbs the royal petting he always gets when he goes there. After that is MR. Tibbs showing off his computer prowess and reading CyberCat Chatter! And last are 3 photos showing him relaxing and taking a well deserved nap with The Beast on his 8th Birthday (her 10th) on 8/1/98. And then 2 of him posing in his "Lion King" pose.

Here are more pictures from Spring 2000:

Tibbs favorite Easter Cheesecake!

Here are more pictures from Spring 2001:

Here are more pictures from Spring 2002:


Here are some 2002 pictures of MR. Tibbs. He continues to do superbly on his diet of Science Diet Sensitive Stomach, Wellness brand canned food and a glucosamine supplement. He also is still receiving the 7.5mg 2/day of Phenobarbital and the addition of 5mg of Prednisone every other day seems to have the Irritable Bowel Syndrome in check and his weight is a whopping 8.75 pounds - the heaviest since 11/15/93 and just .85 pounds below his all time high of 9.6 on 8/1/91.

Here are pictures from 2003. The first six from left to right from January 2003, the first snoozing with Nazerene on the bed and the last three from September 29, 2003 where you can see he's just had a professional groomng from Joy Keuhke of Joy's of Grooming in West Bend WI and also has put on a bit of weight as a result of his new dry Purina One Hairball Control Food.


MR. Tibbs was helped to The Bridge peacefully at 4pm by Dr. Amy Speath & Mindy at The Jackson Pet Hospital on 5/24/06 after a sudden illness about a month earlier, I was with him at the time and it was very peaceful. He's now resting pain free and in the sun as he always loved to be. I miss you Tibbs.