(b. 1/17/02)


Ginger was born on 1/17/02 and is a Standard Poodle female. We got her on 3/3/02. Her coloring is red and these pictures are from 3/6/02 and her first vet checkup with Dr. Bennetts who as it happens has a favorite dog of poodles. As you can see she's a favorite of the office. The 3rd and 4th picture are her being helf by the office manager Barb, who also as it happens is a professional groomer in her own right and fur dresser to the the star Maine Coon cat - MR. Tibbs. The 4th picture is her being held by Barbs daughter Amanda, also a vet tech at the office. The 6th picture is Sally holding her, the newly licensed and certified vet tech that MR. Tibbs is so fond of all these years. (Congrats to you Sally on a job well done, we knew you could do it!)

At her vet visit she was given her 1st Distemper and Parvovirus shots and also a dose of Strongid-T to clear up some roundworms she had from her mom. All in all she's adjusting well and is doing GREAT!

In the 7-11 frames you can see her enjoying her new SnugglePuppie bed which was received from her Aunt Linda O'Connor in Florida (Thanks Linda :)) For more info on the bed click on the hyperlink above.

Below are some more Ginger Pictures from 2003. The first  eight from left to right are from 1/17/03 on her 1st Birthday. The last four are from September 29, 2003. All in all she's grown into a fine, intelligent, well-mannered(usually) poodle.